"Fantastic quality low loader and very well thought out! I am very pleased with it. Slurry tanker will be next on the list."

Neil Chapman

Neil Chapman

"We love our Herron agricultural trailers! We are able to carry a full load of beet from the Self Propelled Grimmie beet harvester."

John Austin

John Austin Ltd, New Zealand

"We are very impressed with the design and performance of Herron silage trailers," Brook says. "The sprung drawbar and overall layout of these trailers makes this an easy unit to tow and very stable on the hills."

Bluegrass Contracting

Bluegrass Contracting & Consulting

"My 18 ton Herron dumper is amazing! It is so well built I don’t think it will ever wear out! We have found it very maneuverable for gateways etc., and tows well.” “We have done a lot of silage on the steeper country and I am impressed how stable it is. To date we have had no near misses with it trying to tip over."

Robert Foley

Foley Agri

"The H2 Range of Herron agricultural trailers is much more superior to the previous models and other makes of trailers we have used. The H2 grain trailers have great maneuverability and are easily pulled both on the field and on the road. I am also impressed by H2 slim fit hydraulic door system and all my trailers are fitted with 560 x 22.5 aircraft wheels, suitable for carrying heavy loads."

Mark & James McKee

Sparky Pac Ltd.

"What a great slurry tanker! Fantastic build and so easy to pull on the road. Rides like a dream!"

Tudur Evans

R.P & T.P.Evans

Herron Engineering Ltd, established in 1989, is a Northern Ireland based manufacturer of market leading agricultural and industrial trailers, technologically advanced slurry tankers, trailing shoes and dribble bars.

Our Product Range

Herron Engineering Ltd. offer an extensive range of trailers for the agricultural and construction industries, market leading vacuum tankers and technologically advanced slurry spreading equipment.

Silage Trailers

Herron Silage Trailers with their robust chassis and modern body are designed to operate in the most demanding environments. The H1 models range from 9 to 18 tonnes. The latest H2 models range from 14 to 20 tonnes in tandem axle and from 24 to 26 tonnes in tri-axle. They are built with individual farmers and contractors in mind, supporting the fastest possible unloading in order to increase productivity.

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Grain & Root Crop Trailers

Herron Engineering offer an extensive range of Grain Trailers from 9 to 14 tonnes (H1 Models) and 14 to 26 tonnes (H2 Models). These trailers have been designed and built to achieve maximum carrying capacity for the transportation of crops and to operate in the most demanding environments. There is a wide variety of standard and optional features available to create a trailer that will suit the needs of contractors and individual customers.

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Dump Trailers

Herron Dump Trailers are high performance machines that can be used for multiple purposes in the agricultural and construction industries. Both the traditional HDT and the latest H2 models meet all the requirements of the harsh demands placed on them in everyday transportation use. Stable chassis, robust build, durability and functionality make our products highly reliable. Models range from 12 to 25 tonnes.

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Low Loader Trailers

Herron Low Loader Trailers, both Agricultural and Industrial, are built to a high specification in order to ensure the effortless and economical transport of plant, machinery and equipment. They are widely recognised for their strength and durability. Depending on the model, they range from 10 to 24 tonnes.

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Flat Bed / Bale Trailers

Herron Engineering Ltd. offer a wide range of Flat Bed / Bale Trailers from 10 tonnes to 24 tonnes to suit various needs and purposes. They are built to a high standard and with high quality materials to meet the demands of today’s farming industry, ensuring maximum performance, quality and durability.

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Dropside Tipping Trailers

Herron Engineering have been manufacturing high quality Dropside Tipping Trailers since 1989. They are designed with a strong and sturdy structure which allows for multi-purpose use. The Dropside Tipping Trailer range varies from 2.5 tonnes to 15 tonnes.

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Trailer Optional Extras

Herron Engineering Ltd. offer a wide variety of trailer options and features to suit the individual needs of our customers.

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Slurry Tankers

Herron Engineering are widely recognised as the market leaders when it comes to slurry tankers and slurry spreading equipment. We offer an extensive range of Recessed Vacuum Tankers ranging from 1750 gallons to 4000 gallons. All our tankers are manufactured with high quality materials and components, are technologically advanced and comprise key specifications that meet the most demanding needs of the agricultural market today.

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Slurry Spreading

Herron Engineering are widely recognised as the market leaders when it comes to slurry spreading equipment and vacuum tankers. We offer a technologically advanced and robustly built 7.4m fully galvanised Trailing Shoe / Dribble Bar that has been developed to distribute slurry effectively in order to enhance crop performance.

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Tanker Optional Extras

Herron Engineering Ltd offer a wide variety of tanker options and features to suit the individual needs of our customers.

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Please be advised that our company will be closed from Friday 2nd April to Monday 5th April 2021.Wishing all our customers and business partners...

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Christmas Closure 2020

Herron Engineering Ltd is closing at 5.30pm on Tuesday, 22nd December 2020, and re-opening at 8:00am on Wednesday, 6th January 2021. Please contact us as...

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Easter 2020

Despite the current situation with COVID-19, social distancing and self-isolation we do hope that all our customers, employees and business partners will have a...

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Company Closure Due To COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19 virus, it is with deep regret that we have decided to close manufacturing at Herron Engineering with immediate effect. For many...

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